Proliferation of counterfeit and diverted medicines has developed into a global problem and poses a serious threat to patient safety.


EPCLUSA®(sofosbuvir/velpatasvir) tablets in China

Your EPCLUSA medicine has several enhanced security features to protect its authenticity. For starters, you should have received your EPCLUSA medicine in a sealed carton with tamper evident seals sealing the top and bottom of the carton. The top tamper evident seal also includes a hologram.




A hologram has also been added to the tamper evident seal. The hologram on the top tamper evident seal can also be visually verified by tilting the hologram 90 degrees and confirming the color shifting is consistent with the image below.

Authenticating the Hologram

Hologram Titled Strongly Forward


Rotated 90 Degrees



This effect is superposed over a defined part of the hologram design. When the hologram design is tilted strongly forward, the image of the small logo and logotype appears bright against a dark large logo. When the hologram in the oblique position is rotated by 90°, the contrast will flip; the large logo now appears bright while the image of the small logo and logotype is dark.

Click here for a video of the holographic image




Tamper evident seals should have been fully intact and have no signs of tampering. 

VOID-seal with customized single image hologram and variable QR-Code with hidden code Top Hologram Tamper Evident Seal

Top Hologram Tamper Evident Seal

Applied Peel Off Layer Leave Behind Tampered Label


The top label is a high-end transparent VOID-seal with single image hologram showing the GILEAD Logo and a unique QR code for digital authentication.  When the label is removed, the hologram will split into an X to indicate the opening whereas the QR code remains on the substrate. This means it cannot be transferred to another product, but may be used for authentication continuously.

Transparent Void Seal

Bottom Tamper Evidence Seal

Applied Peel Off Layer Leave Behind Tampered Label


The bottom label is a transparent VOID-seal in a charcoal shade, providing high-end tamper evidence with a 'Lock' VOID-effect – simple and easy to understand all around the world. When the label is peeled-off, 2 opened locks appear. This effect is irreversible, i.e. the locks remain visible even when you try to reseal the label. Multiple Gilead shields in black ARE printed on top of the label.

Click here for a video of the seal removal




Accessing the Epclusa in China Anti-Counterfeiting Page

1. Open the QR Code scanning application on your mobile device. The QR code applications will access your phone camera.

2. Point the camera at the QR code. Your phone should focus in on the QR code for scanning. Make sure all four edges of the QR code is centered on your screen. Wait for the QR code to scan; it should scan almost immediately.

3. If requested, open the QR code content by tapping on the notification that appears on the screen to open the QR code’s webpage.

4. On some phones, this will occur automatically occur after phone focuses in on the QR code.

5. Scanning the QR code will direct the user to the Gilead response page.

6. The response page will notify the user if the QR code is valid.

7. Follow the instructions as shown on the response pages.


If one or both tamper evident seals is missing, is not intact as shown, the hologram is not correct, or you receive an invalid code response, please contact Gilead at 400-820-1135 or email Gilead at for further instructions.